2021 #LifeMentors Web Conferences

Mentorship matters.

If you were once confused about choosing the right major and the right school, now is the time to help your fellow friends. 

Hi there,

At ASIDU, providing students the opportunity to know the world beyond textbooks and notes has always been our mission.

The belief of "You can do it" is what we want all our young students to hold.

Therefore, in April 2021, we launched #LifeMentors, a global initiative program that gathers elite students and alumni from the top schools around the world. 

We want our students to be exposed to as many life adventures and stories as possible, so they can recognize the pattern of life and be brave to chase their dream.  

If you are interested in the coming #LifeMentors web conferences (we will host several, and we will confirm with you one by one), you can sign up on this page.

Here are the possible sections we will do together in the web conferences:

  • Live webinar
  • Individual sharing talks from #LifeMentors
  • Fireside chat with the founders of ASIDU
  • Q&A sessions
  • Minimum amount of pre-recorded content 
  • Details to be provided upon confirmation
  • Preparation online meetings with ASIDU team 

We will also have preparation meetings before the actual thing to ensure we are on the same page. 


Anthony Ao

Founder & CEO

ASIDU Educational Consultancy Agency

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